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New Subaru Vehicles for Drivers in Gastonia and More

When it comes "more," there aren't many brands that deliver it on the level that Subaru does. From standard all-wheel-drive to standard safety, the Subaru lineup is packed with valuable options designed to improve your daily driving experience.

If you need proof? Just come and visit us at Tindol Subaru! We serve drivers in the Belmont and Shelby areas and can show you new models suited to an array of experiences and needs.

New Subaru Cars

When you visit Tindol Subaru, you'll find some of the market's best mainstream cars waiting for you. These include new models like the Subaru Impreza and the Subaru Legacy.

With the Subaru Impreza, you'll enjoy one of the market's most versatile compact cars. Available as both a sedan and a hatchback, it's one of the only compacts around with standard all-wheel-drive.

The Subaru Legacy midsize provides similar benefits as the Impreza but builds on it with a bigger interior and more powerful engine options.

And if you're looking for something built for high performance? We can show you new model options for the Subaru WRX and the Subaru BRZ. The Subaru BRZ delivers the experience of a smooth-riding coupe. The Subaru WRX, meanwhile, stands out as one of the most powerful compact cars available for the roads of Gastonia.

New Subaru SUVs

As good as Subaru's new cars might be, the brand has inarguably built its reputation on the back of its top-notch SUVs. The current Subaru SUV lineup includes new model options ranging from small and versatile to big and robust. With tons of vehicles to pick from, you can find a solution that will satiate your needs. The current lineup includes:

Shelby area drivers looking for something smaller will find winning companions in the subcompact Subaru Crosstrek and the compact Subaru Forester. The Forest has been a favorite of small families for years, thanks to its spacious, solid performance options and rugged design.

If the compact isn't enough? Subaru's midsize SUV lineup can offer the power and size you need. Countless Shelby drivers have left the road behind in new models like the Subaru Outback. Renowned for its impressive all-terrain ability, it offers powerful engine options, high ground clearance, and a built-to-take-a-beating design that can thrive on any road.

The Subaru Ascent, meanwhile? It combines the all-terrain ability of models like the Forester and Outback with a passenger-friendly interior that can seat up to eight. Equipped with a robust suite of features and amenities, including 19 cupholders, the Subaru Ascent is an attractive option for the family-minded driver or carpool champion.

New Subaru Specials Designed to Help You Save

The best part about working with Tindol Subaru? The extras we offer beyond our new inventory alone. Our dealership includes an onsite finance team with access to all the latest Subaru deals.

Not only can we help you apply for financing, but our team can also connect you to affordable loan and lease offers, including special rates and new Subaru specials. The only thing better than going home in a new Subaru? Going home in a new Subaru with a great deal backing it up.

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