Subaru as a brand has always been focused on providing high-quality, reliable vehicles to its customers in Gastonia that will last a lifetime. Most of the new vehicles that Subaru makes come with a version of their incredible advanced symmetrical all-wheel-drive system. This commitment to capability allows just about any Subaru to be used to go on adventures all around Charlotte.

Subaru Sports Cars

The most unique vehicle in Subaru's lineup has to be the BRZ sports car. It is the only vehicle that does not come with AWD, as it can only be had with rear-wheel-drive. The BRZ has become the hallmark for modern, fun, and affordable sports cars that focus on handling rather than full-on power output. The BRZ is one of the easiest sports cars to drive, and you can push it to its limits without breaking the law.

Subaru's other sports car is the iconic WRX. The WRX is a full-on rally vehicle with the amenities to be used as a daily driver. It has all the performance to take on the rally stage, while still being comfortable enough to be a daily driver in Shelby.

Subaru Impreza

The Impreza is one of the more utilitarian vehicles that Subaru makes, as it is an incredibly flexible compact car that can be had as a sedan or a hatchback. The sedan features more traditional styling, while the hatchback has a larger emphasis on rear cargo space. The Legacy is Subaru's larger sedan that is focused on being more of an executive vehicle. You can get it with a lavish interior with plush leather and modern tech.

Subaru Crosstrek

The Crosstrek is the smallest SUV that Subaru makes, but it still comes with plenty of ground clearance and the capabilities to take on any trails. The Forester is a bit larger than the Crosstrek and offers a more practical option if you need a family vehicle. The Outback is one of the most capable adventure vehicles that Subaru makes, while still being able to be used to transport your friends and family.

Subaru Ascent

The Ascent is by far the largest vehicle that Subaru makes, and it comes with tons of features to help you take on your daily duties. Modern tech and safety features will help keep passengers entertained while you try and navigate the tight streets of Gastonia.

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